Its been a long time coming. Everyone knew it was going to happen. Even if people only knew subconsciously, the thought was always there. There was always going to be a time when Hip Hop was challenged to return to it’s roots. To return to the basics. Community development alongside thought and emotion provoking music. Influencing the growth of the people instead of supporting the destruction.

This is The 101 Collective.

This is more than making music to live lavishly. This is about creating a foundation to rebuild the world. To reclaim greatness. It may take destruction of the status quo. It may take challenging the social norm. It may result in being seen as the villains on the hunt, but this is what The 101 was made for.

This is The 101 Collective.

Poetically brilliant. Self-sufficient. Passionately driven. Focused on building the culture. Determined to decide the future.

This is The 101 Collective. Try and keep up.

The 101 Collective